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Why Create A Site....

Originally, I was taking a course through the Minnesota School of Business on HTML. As part of the course we had to create a 5-page Web site. So, I chose to work on one related to Rubber Stamping.

Now, I am working on adding additional content.


My Domain Name....

I am not real creative when it comes to selecting names. I wanted something unique, but every name I came up with was all ready taken. So, I started looking at suffix definitions. At YourDictionary.com I found the following definition for -istic

of or relating to an action, practice, doctrine, quality, etc., or to a person involved in or with it realistic, artistic

Since this is going to be basically a creative/artistic site, I thought this suffix sounded like a good fit. So, I combined it with my first name to get Marianistic.


One of the requirements of the class is to follow the standards. The standards we are supposed to use are XHTML Strict and CSS. In order to make sure my pages follow these standards, I am using the W3C Markup Validation Service to validate my XHTML and CSS code. When no errors are found by the validation service, you can place the icon(s) below on any page that passes.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS!