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Menu Planning….

Meal planning can be quite a chore.  I have been looking for ways to make it easier for me.  One major source  I use to find Recipes  is the internet.  However, my bookmark list has gotten so long that I can never find anything.

In my previous post I mentioned Delicious for help in organizing bookmarks.

I recently found an article A Basic Guide to Menu Planning at Simple Mom that tells how to use Google Calendar to plan menus .  If you page down, she has instructions on how to use the internet to plan menus.   Not only does she use Google Calendar for the menus, but Delicious for saving recipe links.

By using Delicious, again you can put in tags, so you can search for things — unlike normal bookmarks.

I therefore created another Delicious site for managing my ever growing recipe list.  To see what I currently have you can click on MJR Recipes.  The hardest part is the fact you have to log in.  So, I have to remember which account I’m logged into when I bookmark.

Another site that looks promising is Pepperplate

Your recipes, menus, shopping lists and cooking timers – it’s all in here.

Not only can you enter your own recipes, but you can import from other sites — this is limited.  But the other nice thing is if you have an iPod Touch, like I do, or an iPad they have an app for it.  It will sync between the website and the Apple app.  This way you can carry your recipes, menus and shopping lists with you.




How does it all tie together??

Good morning,  I am really becoming amazed at how many places/sites people are updating almost daily.  I can’t update one site regularly, much less multiples.  I really need to look further into all this social networking stuff.   lol.

I just found an amazing Blog  – A Feast for the Eyes it has a lot of wonderful recipes, along with clear pictures, instructions and their modifications to the recipes — as well as a review of how they enjoyed eating it.  In addition they also update a facebook page by the same name.   It just amazes me how they can constantly update so much.  But if you like cooking, take a look at the above site.

I also want to mention another tool that I have found very useful.  It is called Delicious it is like an online bookmark tool.   On it’s get started page it states:

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows you to tag, save, manage and share Web pages all in one place.

To see my bookmarks click here