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Unable to find..

Well I have been unable to find the tip I wanted to share.  So, I will have to recreate it myself.  I know basically what it said.  So, I just have to buy the appropriate items, take pictures and write it up…


Neat Rubber Stamping Projects

Well it’s been a few days since I last posted.  I’m back in college, so I had quite a bit of studying to do.

I was searching for a tip I wanted to post, when I came across a couple of neat projects for rubber stamping.  I thought I would share.

First is a Flip Book.  The author indicates it would make a wonderful Mother’s Day project  here .  You can see examples of different Flip Books that were made here and you can find the instructions on how to make it here.

The second is a Stationary Box.  The author of the Flip Book pointed to this site which shows two different versions, along with instructions.  However, Amy Celona (Ustamp4Fun) also made one up, and provided instructions.

These both look look like fun projects to make.

Now to continue looking for the site that contains the tip I want to share.