I found the items I need for my tip.

I have purchased the items I needed for my tip.  Now all I need to do is take pictures and write it up.  Hopefully I will be doing this shortly – need to test out my new memory cards for my camera.

I did find another tip that I want to share.  I am moving slowly to unmounted stamps – do to space limitations.  So, I have been trying different ways to store these stamps.  In reading other BLOGs I have found an idea that I might try.  You can read about the tip here – How to Store Unmounted Stamps.  It is a really interesting way to store the stamps.  I might use this idea to keep word stamps handy.  Might be too much for all my unmounted stamps.

I will also write up and take pictures on how I am currently storing my unmounted stamps.

BTW, School is going really well for me right now.  So far I have a 4.0 going after three quarters.  I am really proud of this as I have never done this well before, so it makes me really excited.  This summer I am not attending college due to vacations.  But will be back at it come October (when next quarter starts up).

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